Welcome to the homesite of Lappu­naa­man corgis!

Who are we

Sinikka Mäkelä and Vesa Koskinen are behind the Lappunaaman- corgi kennel. The family also includes our daughters Riina and Reea. Markku has joined the team as our webmaster and Tommi as the second kennelboy. Puppies also learn to be with children as Justus, Mila and Fanny visit them.

Our corgis

Our dog family has had some changes once again. Vemmi is spending her retirement days at Valkeakoski, Nemi is doing the same at Oitti and Puntti & Irma at Aitoniemi. Ellu is now the stable matron of our small herd, and her daughter Helga is trying hold her side with Martta (born on May 2019) who has also joined our family. This bustling little duo are doing great together, despite having so different personalities. Urpo joined Metsäkylä as a fellow-man for Rampe. Seela and Pirkko are still living at Kalkku. Latest newcomer to our team is Tyyne (Tsäpäkkä Chili), the puddle water lover from Vantaa.


Since our first corgi we have been members of Finnish Welsh Corgi association and from time to time we have participated in their activities. Our family shared hobby has been particularly the Pirkanmaa subsection, in which we have operated since its establishment. Sinikka is continuing as the chairman of the subsector and also Reea is a member of the board. And as the saying ”Never say never” goes, during the COVID-19 year 2020 Sinikka also filled the seat as chairman of the board for Finnish Welsh Corgi association.