July 21st 2017

Our homesite was updated, escpecially the technical side was improved because our site was unfortunately hacked during the spring.

June 18th 2017

We traveled to Kouvola and participated in Anjala Speciality show having 12 dogs with us.

The Speciality show day was funny, surprising and even victorious. In junior bitches Lappunaaman ladies reached two first positions with Certificate qualities (Luna 1st, Ymmi 2nd) and Luna (Lappunaaman Tulevan Suven Morsian) was also BOB junior and BIS-2 junior. Also Nessi reached third place in the big open class (23 bitches), but didn’t get the Certificate quality since she was a bit round in shape. Ellu got EX as her result.

Also great results (VGs) were given to Viljo (despite the table show), Miko, Pantse and Seela. Baby Doris got a review which was corresponding to her growth trajectory. Rampe was fooling around so he got G, as well as Miina since she was too tiny in size for this judge.

May 28th 2017

Ymmi (Lappunaaman Koreaa Kuravelliä) got her first CAC cerificate from Keuruu group show. Thanks to Iiri, great job!

May 6th 2017

Large group of Lappunaaman’s in Tampere International Dog Show. In their first official show were Viljo (Lappunaaman Surusilmä Sulhaspoika) and Luna (L Tulevan Suven Morsian). We also had Doris in puppy class plus Kaneli, Ymmi and Rampe in junior class.