On this page we update information about our future litter plans.

May 11th 2018

The ultrasound examination this morning showed us that Ellu is not having puppies.

March 2nd 2018

Despite the ultrasound examination result Seela is not having puppies. We are now waiting for the Ellu's heat to start during this month and we are hoping to have puppies for the summer.

October 4th 2017

The puppies of Miina and Kolli were born on September 9th. We believe that the new homes for these two bitch puppies will be found from the large group of people that expressed their interest before the birth. Good autumn to everyone!

September 18th 2017

At the end of this week will be born the only (and small) litter of fall 2017, because our other breeding attempt didn't work. Next litters are planned to year 2018.

September 4th 2017

We are expecting puppies to be born at the end of week 38 from a combination of Frendlain's Arres aka Kolli x Lappunaaman Menevä Madeleine aka Miina.

July 5th 2017

We are planning to have two litters during the rest of the year.

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