In Our Memories

Our deceased and beloved friends. Below you can also find their pedigree database links.

Wales Tale's A New Dream

Wales Tale's Spring Treasure

Lappunaaman Iltapimeän Ilo

Beryllos Time Enough

FIN MVA Lappunaaman The Rasmus
December 8th 2003 - April 30th 2015

Annline's Ringpromise
(Rita) on the left side
October 15th 1999 - September 11th 2014

Lappunaaman Darude

Lappunaaman Tyttö Sinäolet Tähti
November 18th 2011 - May 13th 2013

Lappunaaman Hirsilän Hilma
May 28th 2002 - April 28th 2012

FIN MVA Annline's It's My Promise
May 9th 1996 - May 20th 2006